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Don't see what you're looking for? Not a problem. We have access to vehicles from around the country and several sources for any car you desire.

GT Motor Cars has the ability to source any vehicle. We will help you come up with your requirements and needs. We ask you to set a realistic price range and we will review it with you to make sure its realistic ask for the said vehicle.

-       A contract will be sent and signed

-       This requires a 10% “Non-Refundable” deposit of the total purchase price before a search for the said vehicle commences.

“You Get What You Pay For”. GT Motor Cars handles the entire transaction from contracts that have been drawn up by our corporate legal consul, setting up an escrow account if necessary, inspecting the vehicle, transporting the vehicle. We aren’t a “Phone broker” that there are a plethora of.

GT Motor Cars is a Licensed & Bonded Automobile Dealer & Broker.

Our Commission structure is as follows:

- <$50,000 we charge a 5% Commission

- >/=$50,000 to </=$100,000 8% Commission

- >$100,000 and up we charge a 10% Commission

Please fill in the information on the right and we will locate the vehicle you are requesting.

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