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Selling your car is a difficult task, especially in today’s rapidly changing landscape of the internet and expansion of auction houses. It is also a difficult question of "what do I ask for my car or collection?" Most collectors don’t want to have every interested party coming by their facility looking at their car for a field trip; at the end of the day, time is valuable. 

“You Get What You Pay For”. GT Motor Cars handles the entire transaction from contracts that have been drawn up by our corporate legal consul, setting up an escrow account if necessary, inspecting the vehicle, transporting the vehicle. We aren’t a “Phone broker” that there are a plethora of.

We at GT Motor Cars take the headache out of selling your car.

GT Motor Cars is a Licensed & Bonded Automobile Dealer & Broker.

We have an extensive process that each car goes through prior to selling:

• Discuss value expectations for your automobile/collection; we will perform a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to help show you the current market value

• Each car has a thorough inspection performed

• A detail is performed to our industry-leading standards

• Complete photograph collection done by a professional photographer

• Extensive advertising via print, online advertising, social media, weekly/monthly direct email campaigns and more.

• Our company has an extensive network of clients that we work with and we have a database of cars that we are looking for on behalf of clients.

• We handle all of the leg work from coordinating shipping to our facility, showing the car, marketing to ultimately selling it for you

With some cars, an auction is the best avenue to take. That being said, we have close relationships with several auction houses and we would evaluate which one would be best suited for your car or collection. Certain auction houses and venues do better with certain types of cars.

Taking a car to an auction to sell isn’t as easy as just calling to consign it and showing up to collect the sales proceeds if/when it sells. It’s about marketing it accordingly, getting the proper placement, describing the car appropriately to best bring out any certain highlights, prepping it before and during the sale and being with the car at the auction to help put it in front of the right people.

Once the above is agreed upon, GT Motor Cars requires a $1,500 non-refundable deposit that will go toward any “Pre-Sale” prep work, photography and advertising.

Our Commission structure is as follows:

- <$50,000 we charge a 5% Commission

- >/=$50,000 to </=$100,000 8% Commission

- >$100,000 and up we charge a 10% Commission

Depending on the vehicle, we are open to working on “Net Sale” numbers where by the seller and GT Motor Cars agree on a “Net Amount” due to seller and there by GT Motor Cars is free to earn any amount in excess of the “Net Amount”.


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